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How to Make Your Garden and Lawn Pet-proof?

Even though we consider our pets as our dear friends, we should still make sure that our landscape is pet-proof especially if we want to share the place with them. For example, dogs tend to dig up their lawns and plants. Plus, their waste can destroy your grass. So, you also need to consider the damage that animals can make to your lawn or garden. Because of these, it’s a must to transform your lawn or yard into a pet-proof space. Sure, you can’t really stop every problem that occurs. However, doing this can be a game-changer as there are a lot of things that you can do after having a pet-proof outdoor space. Check out the following tips to achieve this: 


Water your yard well to prevent damage 

Watering your lawn can aid to give the moisture that it requires for it to love. Moreover, moisture can help in diluting waste from animals. This is vital since animal waste typically contains the toxins that can potentially damage the grass.  

Keep your lawn short 

It would be a good idea to guarantee that your lawn is regularly mowed most especially when you have a pet dog. Doing this can aid your lawn to be healthy as well, making it a win-win situation. Moreover, with a regularly trimmed lawn, you can easily detect areas, which have been harmed by animal waste so that you can treat them right away to stop the damage from aggravating. Plus, it would be very easier to determine dog waste before you can step on it when you keep your grass short. Use a reputable lawn service in Chesapeake, VA for this.  

Use electric borders to pet-proof your garden 

Not only your lawn needs protection from pets, but your garden also needs to be protected. Or else, you might rise up in the morning one day only to find out that your plants have been torn up and there are already big holes in the soil. To effectively prevent this from happening, invest in an electric fence and have it installed in spaces they require protection. If you do this, you can deter pets from straying where they are not welcomed.  

Give a lot of playground for your pets 

Pets like cats, rabbits, dogs, etc. love playing around. It’s only reasonable to provide them their personal playing space in your backyard so that they won’t try to interfere with places on your lawn where they are not allowed to get in. You can utilize sand or mulch to make an area for your dog to hand out and make sure to add some toys as well.  

Now, start applying these tips to make your yard pet-proof and happily share this area with your dear furry friends afterward. Keep in mind to come up with an area for pet playtime that won’t harm other parts of your lawn, set up an electric fence all over your garden, water your yard well, and keep the grass short for an ideal yard, which you can all enjoy.  

Tips to Select the Best Patio Custom Stonework

When property owners remodel an existing space or construct a new patio, natural custom stonework has become one of the most commonly used. Natural stone is a very durable material and won’t degrade or fade as time passes by. The finish of the stone provides a uniform and smooth look without making drips or ridges. The stones alone can make a one-of-a-kind and unique pattern. Techniques for stone masonry can be utilized to aid in making sure that all of the pieces will perfectly fit together creating a wonderful mosaic of textures, colors, sizes, and shapes.  

Paving stones for patios 

Using natural stone leads to an asymmetrical appearance, unlike bricks that establish consistent designs and patterns. Every paper comes in various sizes and shapes. The pieces snugly suit together similar to puzzle pieces. This gives an extensive range of angles and colors that provide the deck area an extremely custom-made feel and it displays character. Aside from that, natural stone gives several benefits that even modern pavers don’t, such as the following: 

  • Perfectly fits with nearly any décor 
  • A lot of various sizes, shapes, and colors 
  • Simple to clean 
  • Resistance to cracks and chips 
  • Durability 
  • Resistance to stain 

Moreover, a naturals stone paver can be utilized with block masonry to make an area that still gives a rustic vibe but outlines boundaries, which can be used for different landscaping types.   

Stone landscaping and pavers 

Custom pavers and stonework give a wonderful touch to landscaped spaces. Opting for stones with the right texture and color can help in emphasizing any landscaped spot as it enhances the bright colors and draws out particular highlights. The ideal balance between flora and stone can make an attractive display that highlights the home’s design and beauty. Utilizing stone incorporates a touch of asymmetrical design and a touch of diversity that can help achieve more curb appeal and softer tones, particularly if seen from afar. 

Custom stone work’s functional design 

 If you want to come up with an area that’s intended to do a particular function, you can add a creative touch by using both stone and brick. An ideal example of this would be a grill and a stone fireplace on a patio that’s built from block masonry. The personalized stonework breaks up the block’s monotonous appearance while incorporating texture and rich color to the area. All the while, the area is easy to keep up and fully functional at the same time. For a lot of property owners, functionality is really important.  

Ultimately, an extensive range of applications enables them to utilize as much of their space as possible, particularly if the area is close or attached to the home.  

Now, if you’re planning to use stonework in your patio, make sure to only entrust this work to the expert stone and brick mason in Chesapeake, VA. This project won’t just help in beautifying a house, but it also helps boost the resale value of your property.  

How to Avoid Electrical Threats in Your Pool

The greatest fear of almost every pool owner might be someone drowning in their pool. However, there are other safety threats that you should be wary of. One of these things is electrical hazards.  

Almost every pool is hooked up to lights, heaters, pumps, and other electrical systems. Thus, being electrocuted while swimming is always a risk. That’s why it’s a vital part of pool safety to take the required steps to avoid any electrical threat in the swimming pool.  

Consider these things before you hire a pool builder in Chesapeake, VA

Bonding and Grounding 

You can swim around a pool with electrical systems without any dangers in theory. The shock will only come when you grab a metal object, such as the pool ladder. The reason for this is that the shock that injures you is the result of current flowing through the body to complete a circuit.  

That’s why electricians utilize bonding and grounding to avoid this from happening. Grounding connects the electrical circuit to a metal rod (conductor) and drives it into the ground. This is a method to discharge additional voltage in case of a surge. Bonding links the different metal components of your pool system into a circuit so that a person isn’t going to be the one completing the circuit using their body.  

Proper Installation and Wiring 

You run the risk of improper installation and wiring parts if you do not have your electrical system installed by a professional swimming pool builders. The wrong installation is a huge threat of accidental injury from electrical shocks.  

You can electrify easily your swimming pool water without a transformer. This is particularly true if a wire experiences a short. In addition to that, electrical currents from another source can enter the water when trying to complete the circuit if you don’t have the right wiring.  

Illumination and Voltage 

There are a couple of safety precautions you’ve got to know when it comes to avoiding electrical fatalities in the pool. You can greatly lower the possibilities of electrocution if you do something as simple as following building codes. Thus, it is always vital to hire a professional for any electrical tasks. Aside from being a licensed electrician, a couple of them specialize in underwater fixtures and swimming pool electrical systems. You’ve got to ensure you hire a licensed electrician that specializes in underwater electrical systems if you’re fixing or installing any electrical features around the pool.  

Avoiding dangerous and outdated fixtures is another crucial safety measure. Keep in mind that the unofficial industry standard for swimming pools are low-voltage lighting. It is crucial to keep in mind that voltage can affect individuals in various methods. For instance, though 120 volts are considered deadly, 12 volts might not be. However, that isn’t the case always. The truth is that a lot of swimming pool professionals consider 120-volt lighting safe as long as it is properly installed. That’s why it makes a lot of difference if you follow safety protocols and hire a professional for proper installation.  

How Long Does Your Fence Last?

Aside from choosing the design and color of your fence, it’s also important to choose the material that will fit your security and aesthetic needs. This is part of finding the ideal fence for your house. The two most crucial elements are the lifespan and durability of your fence.  

The purpose of your fence, the style of your house, and the climate of the area you live in will serve a major part in the kind of material you require for your fence. It’s ideal for you to know how long the various materials would last to help you pick the high-quality fencing for your needs.  

Before you hire fence builders in Chesapeake, VA, here are a couple of things you should know: 

Wood Fences 

Spruce, pine, and cedar are the common types of wood utilized for wood fences. Your wood fence’s lifespan will greatly vary on the wood type you opt to use. Usually, pine lasts from 5 to 12 years, spruce lasts from 3 to 6 years, and Cedar would last from 14 to 29 years. However, you can improve their lifespan if you opt to utilize treated wood. Treated pine and spruce can last for 19 years and treated cedar can last up to 35 years.  

The biggest opponent of a wooden fence is moisture. The fence’s lifespan can be lowered by around 3 years if the wooden fence posts are touching the ground. The posts need to be stained or treated to avoid moisture from weakening the fence. Gravel or concrete filler also should be utilized in the post holes to protect the wood from moisture.  

Also, wood is a high maintenance material. You’ll have to stain it regularly every 2 years and paint it every 4 years.  

Vinyl Fences 

PVC fencing, commonly known as Vinyl Fencing, has been growing constantly in reputation because of their low maintenance needs and their great durability. Vinyl fencing only needs the infrequent hosing off using water to keep it appearing amazing. Keep in mind that vinyl isn’t provided in a lot of colors. However, it’s available in a range of designs such as lattice, picket, split-rail, and privacy.  

Metal Fences 

Metal is a durable material without a doubt. It’s available in 3 various options. This includes chain-link, aluminum, and wrought iron. The most affordable choice is the chain-link. It has an industrial appearance but does last the longest. Aluminum and wrought iron can offer you a more aesthetic appearance combining special styles as well as durability. You can add fence accessories and ornamental applications to these metal fence types for a durable and excellent-looking fence.  

You’ve got to remember that to avoid corrosion in your wrought iron fencing, you’ve got to apply rust-resistant finish every several years.  

A chain-link fence will not rust if you choose the galvanized type. Every other fence part is made of steel which is also galvanized. This gets rid of the maintenance needs. Thus, chain-link will be the best option for longevity and security. To provide a custom look, you can choose chain-link fences in a range of options.  

The Reasons Why You Should Definitely Have Your Own Backyard Deck

If you have a home of your own then you know the feeling of wanting to change it up every once in a while. There is just this rewarding feeling that you get as a home owner when you think about new things to add to your home to beautify it and to improve it even more. There are definitely numerous ways in which you can change up your home and you will never run out of ideas because you can always search for other ways to decorate or to improve your home from different sites that offers different ideas.  

One very common idea that you can get from professionals and websites is to add a backyard deck. This is a great addition to your home especially if there is an extra space that you are not using in your property or in your home. There will be so many things that you can do with your backyard deck and this is what makes it more amazing. You should not worry about this too much because there are now so many companies who are offering deck building services like backyard deck building in Chesapeake Virginia who are definitely experts in making sure that you will have a great backyard deck in your home.  

Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely have your own backyard deck: 

A new space in your home 

If you want to spice up your home and you want to put another twist to it and create a new space that was not there, adding a backyard deck is the right thing for you to do. If you have a backyard deck of your own in your home, it would be a new space for you to hold parties and other gatherings with your friends and family; barbeque and house parties would be more lit if you have a deck in your home. This could even be a new place where you can spend some alone time with your partner or with yourself; you can spend your sunsets drinking wine and reading your favorite book or listening to your favorite playlist while enjoying the view of nature.  

Adds Beauty 

If you want to beautify your home, adding a backyard deck is definitely a great way to add beauty to your entire home. A simple backyard deck could actually make so much difference in the look of the entire home. So, for home beautification and improvement, a backyard deck is something to be added.  

Increase Value 

If you have future plans of selling your home, a backyard deck is still a good idea because it can definitely add more value to your home. You would be able to sell your home for a higher price if you have a backyard deck because there are so many buyers who would find this interesting in a home.  

deck is definitely a great addition to any home. You will be able to definitely enjoy your home even better with the presence of a deck.