Your roof is one of the most critical parts of your home, yet it often interferes with our daily lives without us noticing. Out of all the things that could go wrong inside or outside your house, nothing can cause as much disruption and stress as a damaged roof.  

Homeowners tend to put off repairing a leaky roof because they think it will be too costly – but, not addressing the issue promptly often costs even more money and time due to further complicating matters.  

To help protect your home from any potential issues, let’s take an in-depth look into some common problem areas on roofs so you can immediately call an Ann Arbor roofing company should something arise! 


When it comes to roofing, most of us focus on the shingles or tiles that cover the top of our homes. It’s easy to forget one of the essential components of a healthy and secure roof – gutters!  

Unfortunately, these unsung heroes often bear the brunt of seasonal storms and are prone to clogging from leaves and debris.  

But with proper maintenance, you can avoid problems caused by blocked gutters – just like any other part of your home’s exterior.  


Shingles are one of the most common roofing materials due to their affordability, durability, and natural aesthetic. But even with their many qualities, certain things need to be monitored regarding shingles.  

The curved shape of shingle tiles makes them especially vulnerable to weather and water damage resulting in cracked tiles or other forms of distress.  

To ensure long-term roofing health, having a roofer inspect the shingles regularly can help identify any potential problems, from lifting edges to missing tiles.  

With regular maintenance and awareness of the signs of aging, you’ll find that your shingle roof lasts for many years with minimal hassle or expense. 


Flashing is a critical component of any roofing installation, and many homeowners experience severe issues with this aspect. It’s no surprise that flashing is one of the most common problem areas for roofing because it’s exposed to some of the harshest elements and is prone to water infiltration.  

This can cause severe damage to neighboring materials and accelerate the premature deterioration of an entire system if left unaddressed. From improperly installed flashings to wrong design choices, understanding how correctly they are supposed to be used is essential in preserving a functional roof system.  

Homeowners should consider having a professional inspect and inspect their roof regularly, both inside and out, to identify any possible problems with flashing as soon as possible. 


Despite modern roofing materials and improved installation techniques, fascia is still a common problem for roofs. Without proper care and maintenance, fascia can become rotted or damaged from moisture or wildlife.  

Carefully inspecting and replacing affected boards is essential to ensuring your roof stays up and functions correctly. In addition, mitigating damage from weather and pests is critical to keeping the fascia in good condition over time.  

Fortunately, preventive actions are often more straightforward and less expensive than dealing with extensive repairs – so paying attention to your fascia occasionally can save you money in the long run.