There are some people that they are struggling because of their credit card misuse. It means that they don’t know how to utilize and manage their credit card and it resulted to overspending. There are tendencies as well that you cannot pay the interest of the credit card because it is not enough for your monthly salary. That can be very difficult, especially that you have to consider the interest per month. This can be one of the habits that we should really avoid doing, especially when your salary cannot pay your overall or total amount of credit limit. 

Others are thinking of having bridging loan. Others believe that this is the easiest solution. In order for them to repay the remaining balance of their credit card, they tend to loan some money from the bank or from other people just to pay someone. You have to remember that you loan money. You still need to pay for that. You have to maximize whatever you have right now in order for you to repay your balances. It can be annoying that we have to think this one for a couple of days to months and find a great solution to our problem. 

You can actually start by creating your own budget. You should know those expenses that you have to pay monthly, such as the housing. Of course, you have to include your food which is being utilized per day. There are things that you have to pay monthly as well, such as the utilities and your transportation whenever you are working. If you have a family, then you have to consider the education of your kids and their allowance. It can be daunting as well that you need to spare some money for extra. 

Try to calculate all your debts so that you can get the main point on how you will solve them. You have to list the interest as well, the specific interest rate of those debts. Try to weigh things. When it comes to your monthly expenses and the income that you can get per month, you can include your husband’s salary. You just have to make sure that this one will be enough, or else you have to think of another way to get away from your debts. If you think that you cannot manage your credit card any more than you have to surrender and try to use cash. 

There are different strategies that you can actually follow, but the most important thing here is that you won’t sacrifice your family. You can make a minimum payment for your balances, but that wouldn’t give you the opportunity to get away from that debt immediately. You can call the bank or the credit card company for their possible help that they can to or to lower their interest. If you have no way then you have to look for another job or a part time job where you can have your additional income.